Who are we?

We worship nature, live by the values of our founder and brew craft beer with world-class expertise. We’re Vikings, scientists, explorers, rebels. We’re all of these things and we’re full of surprises.

Hailing from the Nordics, we approach our beer the way approach most things – with a focus on craft and quality. To the rest of the world, the Nordic ideal may appear clean and simplistic, but let’s not forget that we have Viking blood in our veins. Our ancestors left us with a sense of adventure and rebellion, and our founder, Theodor Ludvig Schiøtz was no exception to this.

As a qualified pharmacist, Schiøtz wasn’t satisfied by dispensing medicine. And the way he challenged religion was not a cause taken on by many. Theodor chose to put his faith in nature, stating “the wood is my church – and the chirp of the swallow my hymn”. It was this love of botany and rebellious approach to the norm that made his beer so unique when he became a brewer.

So who are we? We’re a Nordic craft beer brewery based in the heart of the very town where H.C. Andersen was born. Does that mean we’re inspired by fairytales? Probably not. We just love beer. And we’re forever exploring how to make every drop of beer come to life in new ways.

We are Nordic. We are brewers. We are Rebels by Nature.