When Theodor Schiøtz opened the doors to Albani in 1859, he’d been dreaming about that day for a long time. Situated near the cool, flowing water of the Odense River, the sizeable brewery was surrounded by nature. As a qualified pharmacist and botany enthusiast, nature influenced everything Schiøtz created, making his beer unique and legendary.

Schiøtz hired only the most skilled workers and treated them well. He created an environment where passionate brewers could work together to produce distinct, interesting beer, and Albani quickly became very successful.

Despite being one of the biggest breweries in Denmark, not just in size, but in staff, Schiøtz worked shoulder-to-shoulder with his employees, carrying out the day-to-day work in the brewing hall. He had no respect for hierarchy and no time for elitism, and he continued to work this way as long as he had the strength to do so.

When we decided to transform a section of Albani into a state of the art craft brewery, it was important to us to create something that carried on the values and practices of our founder. That’s why Theodor Schiøtz Brewing Co. still employs incredibly skilled workers. We still have a hands-on brewmaster. And the sincere passion for craft beer lives on. In fact, we’re taking that passion a step further. Right now, we’re building a bar wall-to-wall with our craft brewery so that we can share our combined knowledge with likeminded beer lovers. If you’re going to name a brewery after a legend, you better be sure you’re doing his name justice. We think Theodor would be proud.