Our brewmaster, Anders Kissmeyer is a pretty big deal… but he won’t tell you that.

He won’t tell you that in 2011, he was awarded the best active brewer in the world. He won’t tell you that in 2016, the Danish Brewer’s Association gave him the Jubilee Award for an outstanding contribution to the industry. He won’t tell you that he has worked and collaborated with some of the best brewers in the world. And he definitely won’t tell you that leading Danish beer writers have called him one of the top three most important brewers in the history of Danish brewing. No, Anders Kissmeyer won’t tell you any of that, because brewing to him is as natural as breathing.

For over 15 years, Kissmeyer has managed to stay both creative and relevant in the ever-changing craft beer landscape. As a result, he’s considered brewmaster royalty around the world.

You would think that with all of this attention, the man would have a pretty big head by now. But all it’s done is fuel the fire in his belly.

Brimming with both passion and knowledge, Kissmeyer has dedicated his life to beer, sharing his expertise with anyone who’s willing to learn. As our brewmaster, Kissmeyer constantly looks for ways to challenge the norm and keep craft beer interesting. To him, each drop has its own identity, so there’s no point in sticking to the “rules”.

Anders Kissmeyer is our brewmaster. Brewer by craft, rebel by nature.