There are no absolute truths in brewing – this is the only rule Anders Kissmeyer obeys.

For over 15 years, Kissmeyer travelled the globe, collaborating with world-class brewers, picking up new techniques and flavours to add to the wealth of knowledge that keeps his creativity alive.

Even with all that experience, Kissmeyer doesn’t believe that high quality craft beer should be pretentious. That’s why he created his Garage range.

Easy Kiss is a medium-malty bodied, pale ale that’s dry and crisp. With its fruity hop aroma and smooth bitterness, it’s an easy drop to wrap your lips around.

Eagle Kiss keeps the mystery alive with its intriguing spicy, floral aromas and rich, smooth hoppy bitterness. Light-bodied and super crisp, this session IPA brings a lot to the table.

While Kissmeyer’s brews constantly challenge the craft beer scene, his Icons range has stood the test of time.

Young Lust is one of his “greatest hits”. The full-bodied Belgian-style blonde will keep you on your toes with its spicy aroma and herbal notes.

Into the Black IPA is another classic. Its smooth, rich coffee and chocolate roast go hand-in-hand with the aroma and flavour of its juicy hops.

Ready for a challenge?